Pain or discomfort can arise from a car collision or accident. It is highly likely you will develop some trauma around your neck as well as pain and stiffness.

Pain, trauma, and stiffness are symptoms of whiplash. This condition can be prominent following a vehicle-to-vehicle accident. Your neck is mostly composed of soft tissue, and a sudden jolting motion can result in whiplash injuries.

Victims of a car accident may be left with pinched nerves and misaligned joints and vertebrae. Additional complications may come in the form of fatigue, headaches, and less clear vision.

Dr. Mendola is a chiropractor in Avondale who provides effective relief for back pain and whiplash injuries. He restores the spine to its natural curvature and promote a natural healing process. His physiotherapy treatments are performed conjunctively to enhance musculoskeletal strength.

If back pain or whiplash is affecting you following a car accident, please call our office to get started on your recovery.