There was pain around the left part of my ribs. It was discomforting turn my body or even wake up from bed. I finally decided to see Dr. Mendola. He took me in without having to wait and made a couple of adjustments. The results were 100 percent perfect, this was more than what I had expected. I do my job without any pain and am thankful for Dr. Mendola and his team.
George W.
This chiropractor group definitely had everything. They made me feel comfortable and had high-tech equipment. Dr. Mendola was very considerate of my well-being and did a wonderful job in trying to help me reduce my stress. I feel a peace of mind knowing that I am cared for by this great chiropractor.
Don M.
I have been to many chiropractic offices, but was still bothered by pain around my neck. Dr. Mendola and his team finally got it right and left me in much better shape than before. They genuinely care about my well-being and gave me health tips during the treatment. I appreciate that they always check-in to make sure my recovery was going smoothly. Keep doing what you’re doing doctor!
Stacie B.
Dr. Mendola fixed my shoulder pain and everything went well. I can walk and stretch without feeling any irritation. This great doctor deserves an award. Awesome experience!
Taylor J.